Copaiba: Enhancer and Booster Extraordinaire

We are obsessed with enhancers and boosters. Salt, enhances the flavor of food. Borax and bleach, boosts the power of laundry detergent. A shot of espresso works magic in a cup of regular coffee. We love the things that make good things even better. Enter Copaiba.


Copaiba makes good things even better! Take Panaway, or Deep Relief for example. When layered with Copaiba, these “because my body hates me a little after the gym” oils go from, “I can help” to “Yes I did that. You’re welcome!” Copaiba makes the Mother of a teething baby smile and say, ‘what? Did I hear a little whimper?’

But don’t take my word for it. Experience this for yourself. The next time you have a little achy breaky anything… reach for that bottle you’ve left sitting in the box. It’s calling you.

Want some for yourself? Of course you do! Go here and sign up as a wholesale member (or retail if paying full price is what you prefer). Order your Premium Starter Kit and Copaiba is already in there :-). Plus, you’ll get ME as a forever resource and road trip guide on your journey down An Essential Road! See you on the path!

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