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Travis Williams (Crossfit). I like that guy.  Bruce Pitcher (Extreme Weight Loss Makeover). I like him too.  Lexii, (Fed Up Fat Girl) I REALLY like her.  As you can see, I kind of idolize people sometimes.  Especially those who manage to actually do what I say I’m going to do every week.

fat girl blogging

I Can Hear the Buzz

I can hear the buzzing now. “You mean you’re not a perfect weight for your height?” “You’re  not ‘in shape’ right now?” “You do elevated planks and cheat on burpees?” “AND you write a HEALTH AND WELLNESS BLOG?!?!” *gasp*

Let’s clear the air one time here and henceforth I’ll refer  back to this post if it comes up again. Here we go. No. No. Yes.  Heck yes. Okay?  Disclosure Statement:  I am a 61 year old gramma.  I’ve had two total knee replacements one rotator cuff repair and a shredded Bicep tendon completion. ANNNNNNND I am 5’3 1/2″ tall currently weighing in at 230 lbs. (again).

I’m Real, and the Struggle Is Real

So why tell you this? Because, while I truly hope that all of my readers come for fun and encouragement and bring with them hope and a desire to be a better self with confidence that this is a no judgement zone, reality dictates that there will be judgement going on! I mean, c’mon really? An overweight out of shape wellness blogger? Well don’t blink, ‘cuz I’m right here!

I’m here for all the mini me’s out there that know the struggle is real and while we may have  yet to  reach our goals, we are way beyond those who have not  started their journey and we are here to bring them along.

The thing is, you don’t have to have it all together to get it all together, if you know what I mean.

You don’t have to have it all together to get it all together.

My History With Fitness – No Judgment Zones


Case in point. Just a few yeas ago I REFUSED to walk into a Gym. Gyms were for people who were thin and fit and didn’t need to be there. Fit people made fun of fat people and I for certain would be the only out of shape person in the building. Boy was I wrong.

Enter my first  Personal Trainer.  Brett W. He was kind of a badass. He  actually said “if you let fear of what these idiots might say or think keep you from coming in I’ll come to your house and drag you out.” (truth be told I wasn’t altogether convinced he wasn’t lying) so,  I made it in.  When I would let my surroundings distract me he would say “here, right here. The only two people here right now are me and you.”

That was what I needed at that point in time. He was my confidence builder. He taught me that I didn’t have to allow others to hold me back from going toward my goals. I learned that the only one who mattered in my journey was me and that I was also the only one responsible for my success. Or failure.

You could say he set the stage for trainer number 2.


Now, if Brett was the badass then Shaun, well let’s just say Shaun was my nightmare! Okay, maybe nightmare is a little over the top, but I would lose sleep the night before my training sessions so what would you call it? Smiles were rare and I didn’t  know he could laugh for months. He was no joke, all business and straight up worked my tail off from start to finish.

He wasn’t there to placate me and I actually think my excuses teed him off. (yikes) I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “you’re only here for an hour Debbie, let’s get to work.” Once again, exactly who and what I needed for this time. I’ve come so much farther because of his no nonsense approach than I ever thought possible.

Excuses still have no place in Shaun’s world, but I have since come to know the intense pride and passion that this man has in his work. Each client is important and when he’s wth you he’s there 100% so you better be too.

A New Me

A new me has emerged. And I LIKE her.  Had I not met Brett, I would never have walked in to Shaun’s gym on my own. I wouldn’t be where I am today without either of them. Each played and still play such an important role in my journey to better health and wellness.

I said all that to say this. I am a work in progress. There’s a lot of weight yet to lose and more strength to gain. Although, I am pretty strong already 🙂 Thank you, Shaun!

Why I Have a Wellness Blog Even Though I’m Not “There” Yet

The point and the purpose of this blog is, to discover and share the journey forward. To run the race WITH you. Not to congratulate myself on a prize already won.

Together we’ll find ways to eat well and stay on point. We’ll talk about the days that go well and the days that find empty Dunkin Donuts bags between the seats in the car.  Let’s talk about the  hangry, ‘tread lightly your life is in danger right now’ days as well as how to tame that carb deprived  beast with a few drops of *Stress Away Essential Oil or some *Cedarwood and *Peace and Calming in the diffuser at night.

We’ll welcome the advice of the experts in nutrition, fitness and chiropractic to guide us on our way and breathe in some essential oils like *Clarity or *Valor for the trip.

This is ‘home’ for the novice and the expert alike. We need each other.  And, oh yeah, this is the true No judgement zone! Sorry, they’ll be no breakfast bagels, pizza parties or tootsie rolls on the desk 🙂 And you are welcome to throw weights around and make all the grunting noises you want!

planet fitness pizza
This is not Planet Fitness. Let’s get healthy!

Bring on the gymtimidation! (how ‘bou dah?) Haha! Love you guys, I’ll be back!


*You can find Brett at Orange Theory Fitness Foothills

*You can find Shaun at Great Times Crossfit Tucson, AZ.

*You can find pizza, bagels and tootsie rolls at Planet Fitness

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8 Replies to “Fat Girl Blogging”

  1. LOVE this! The journey is such a struggle, but will be well worth it! I’m right there with you Sissy!

    1. Thank you! And yes, the struggle IS real! keep hanging in there. Come back often and we’ll tackle this beast together 🙂

  2. “You don’t have to have it all together to get it together.” 💯 #truth. I love the honesty here. Great blog.

    1. SO glad you agree! So many of us especially women feel like we have to have every step in order before we can begin the journey. Not so! Thanks for taking the time to read and hope to see you back again!

  3. *Tears* What an inspiration you are! I feel like I’m going to burst with pride, happiness and admiration for you. I feel like there a GREAT things in store for your journey!!!

    1. Such sweet words! Thank you so so much! There’s more to come and I hope you come back again! Thank you!

  4. Awesome job Sis! Love how you’re keeping it real! Feeling enlightened and positive vibes from your words. Keep pushing through!

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