Doing the hard thing


There’s something liberating about just doing the hard thing and getting it over with. It’s scary to be sure, but yes, liberating. It was a rough week.  Maybe a week and a half. I knew what I should do, but I did the opposite. And I knew I was going the wrong way but I didn’t change direction. For some reason, I couldn’t.

So Cliche

Feel the fear and do it anyway“. We’ve all heard that. “Just do it“, Nike says. “If it were easy, everyone would do it” is another one. And the mother of them all, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Yep, we’ve heard them all. We believe them all. We’ve said them all to someone else at one time or another. Even sold it to ourselves once or twice.

There’s just something though about that rabbit hole that sucks us in, pulls us down and doesn’t let go until we’re so deep we forget we don’t live there and it begins to look like home.

weight loss, lose weightI avoided the scale like the plague this week. There was no way I wanted to know the damage my behavior  had done.  I already felt like crap. Why allow reality to validate my feelings?

Cue the Light Bulb

Aha Moment, Light Bulb Moment, light bulb

Then it hit me. My ‘Aha’ moment.  The light bulb turned on. ‘Just do the darned thing!’ I stepped on the scale. Yep, I gained weight. But guess what? Not as much as I was afraid of. And somehow just knowing and getting it out on the table was a sigh of relief. No need to hide or shrink away or be ashamed anymore. I ate. I gained. I confronted it. It’s done. Move on.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings, Let's move on, Move on from here

Yes. Freedom. A fresh start. A New Beginning. Don’t look back. Learn from the mistake, and move forward.  Today is a new day! I ‘CAN’ do it.  Here’s the thing, it’ll work if you work it. *Mind blown* right?!  But it’s true! It’ll work IF I WORK IT.  So work it I will.

Back on track, focused, determined but not so hard wired. Allow room for failure. Set backs happen. Nobody’s perfect.

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