Patchouli: Not Yo’ Mamma’s Hippie Oil Anymore!

Born in 1956 meant that I was the tender age of 15 when the 70s hit. Whoa! 70s fashion! Bell bottoms, elephant pants, platform shoes, go-go boots, fishnet stockings (OMG yes!!) hip huggers and the hair..oh my the hair!! But what stands out in my memory were the smells. Hey, not THAT smell (YOU know who you are!) LOL …but the incense burners in the head shops and the Patchouli.

Young Living Patchouli Oil

Oh, the Patchouli! It’s not just for dropping on light bulbs anymore :-). Remember those rings that we dropped “oils” on and put on light bulbs?! Ha! Yep, guilty as charged! Again, Patchouli 🙂 But here’s what you probably didn’t know then, and I’m gonna tell you now. Patchouli Essential Oil is not ‘yo Mama’s OR yo’ Gramma’s hippie oil. While the smell is still grounding and promotes peace and awareness.

Patchouli, Say What?!

Patchouli is  excellent for promoting healthy skin and a must have ingredient for your hair care routine. Put it in your facial moisturizer or your shampoo for those ‘thirsty’ issues that crave some moisture.  Patchouli feels good on those rough itchy patches on skin and calms down the crazy that can come with it.

Or, Just Diffuse It

The skin care benefits of this 60s and 70s throwback oil are bountiful and I would have you go to “The Google” and indulge! And if you just want to walk down memory lane, or check out what your parents may or may not have indulged in…diffuse it! Peace Love and Patchouli!

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